July 2, 2013

I've Moved to a New Blog!

Hey everyone! I'm moving on up - to a new blog! I've decided to try out a new hosting service called Squarespace which allows for much more blog customization and has an easier format for putting posts together. It's nothing personal, Blogger, I just need a bit of an upgrade. It's not you, it's me. Or it's kind of you. Anyway, with my new site also comes a new name: City & Sidewalk! I think it's a good representation both of my photography business and of my position as a girl from the suburbs going to a college in the city. It's me growing up a bit, I guess.

I hope you will join me there! I don't have many posts up yet, as I'm starting from scratch, but there are three new ones so far to take a look at. Also, all of my social media has been updated as well. I've combined my personal blog with my photography blog, so you can check out both from the new site. Hang in there while I keep updating the layout. I haven't quite decided exactly what says "me" yet and I'm trying new designs.

Hope to see you at City & Sidewalk soon!

June 26, 2013

Baseball and Sausage

 Last weekend, my family and I went to a minor league baseball game on my mom's season pass. The Akron Aeros are not...great, but they do send up quite a few players every couple of years to the Cleveland Indians. There is a lot to be said for the minors, though, as the tickets are way less expensive and somehow the low-key feel of baseball is even lower. This particular game was a special one - a "Sausage Fest" competition was going on during the game (at first I didn't think they understood the implications of 'sausage fest' until I realized perhaps they were purposely going for the double-entendre)  where two teams of men competed in various games to see who would be crowned the "sausage king." The first competition was indeed a sausage-eating contest, followed by the less manly events of tutu dancing and fake diaper changing. The baseball game itself was far less interesting with a score of 0-0 until the 5th inning.

Akron is a neat city, despite its small size and spattering of seedy areas. The game was a lot of fun and I'd like to go again soon - especially for the Italian panini and french fries I ate. There is no better excuse for eating and sitting down for two hours than a baseball game.

June 20, 2013

Mishaps and Macarons

Tried my hand at macaroons yesterday (or macarons to the French. Don't ask me to pronounce it), and it went fairly well for a first go. The recipe was for a French Meringue style from a book I bought called Les Petits Macarons by Kathryn Gorden and Anne E. McBride. Macarons are difficult to make - there's an extreme amount of precision involved in measuring and beating the egg whites, even aging the egg whites, to make sure that your cookies have the perfect light texture and consistency. Our macarons are the s'mores kind - a recipe from the book that leaves off the top cookie and instead of a sandwich toasts a whip on top of a ganache. We aren't fancy, so we used Nutella for the ganache and marshmallow fluff that we toasted with a creme brulee torch. Our cookies also weren't the typical smooth consistency because we couldn't find the sifter so there are clumps of cocoa powder in the finished product.

Other than a few mishaps (you can't apply too much pressure to our cookie or it collapses) in baking, these turned out to be rather delicious! I'm definitely going to try again and hopefully have a bit sturdier or a result, but these will do just fine in the mean time.

Have you ever tried to bake macarons? Got any suggestions?

June 19, 2013

Patchwork Bucketfeet

My bucketfeet came today! I now own the coolest pair of sneakers I've ever seen. If you don't know what bucketfeet is, check it out here! Basically, it's a company that allows independent artists to submit designs for their shoes, and the winning designs are produced. Then, the public chooses their favorite pair, buys them, and some of the proceeds go back to the artist. The mission of bucketfeet is to find a different artist to design each pair of shoes and that way art can be spread across the world. Pretty awesome. Mine are called "patchwork" made by Meryl Rose Phillips. They were originally $65.00 but I had a 50% discount code from a friend I met through my Bellapop photography class. Roughly $32.50 with free shipping for these fantastically cute pair of shoes is a pretty awesome price, if I do say so myself. Less than a pair of TOMS (at half off), and I don't really like how TOMS look that much. I know - sacrilege. The only issue with bucketfeet is that I like the designs so much, I don't know if I can bear to wear these out of fear of ruining them and not being able to re-order the design. But I suppose there will always be another awesome design later. I've gotta say - I can't get enough of these shoes.

What do you think of my new shoes? Pretty rad, right? If you have a pair of bucketfeet shoes, let me know! I'd love to see what design you have! Or, if you visit the website, let me know which is your favorite!

June 13, 2013

The Positive Health Benefits of Lighthouses

Our excursion today in South Carolina was to travel a bit farther than Hilton Head to see the famous lighthouse on Hunting Island. There were 167 steps to climb inside the lighthouse, and yeah, you could really feel that on your way back down. The views at the top were amazing - you could look out and see practically the whole island. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration. You could see at least forty miles though. Being so high up and looking over so much natural splendor (how poetic), really helped to clear my head. I recommend climbing to the top of lighthouses if you're stressed.

What do you do to clear your head?

June 12, 2013

The Salty Dog Cafe

The Salty Dog Cafe is somewhat of a tradition in my family. Over 21 years ago (before I was born), my parents went to Hilton Head and ate at this cafe. At least five years later, I noticed for the first time that my dad had an interesting shirt that said "The Salty Dog Cafe." I didn't know what that meant, but it looked cool. Now, at least 21 years after that first trip (obviously, you're probably thinking), I was able to go to TSDC myself. I saw the holy and sacred shirt that I always marveled at in my dad's closet and bought one of my own - though mine's pink. I continued my cross-island taste-tour of crab cakes and took a picture with my siblings practicing one of our own traditions - being the only ones in our family who can eat lime/lemon wedges without making that sour face.

Don't we look attractive?... Don't answer that.

June 10, 2013

Hudson's and Harbor Town

After a long twelve-hour drive, we arrived at our cousin's house on Hilton Head island last night. It's a beautiful house and we're really grateful to be able to spend a week here! So roomy. I'm on a rocking chair right now - this is big news for me. I don't have any rocking chairs in college. Anyway, our first order of business today was to start the vacation off right by eating seafood. Hudson's is a fantastic little seafood place not far from the house. Actually, the cashier who rang us up at the Gap last week (back in Ohio) told us that her friend was the sous-chef at Hudson's! True story. We came here for him. At least partially. I ordered a crab cake sandwich and it was wonderful, and came with the best fries I've ever had. My sister and I got a picture together outside of Hudon's, smiling but incredibly full.

After lunch, we drove a bit farther to a resort area called Harbor Town where there was a lovely water front (seen from the canoes) and a commercial area with shops and a marina. We had ice cream while sitting in big red rocking chairs (a luxury for me, like I said) overlooking the marina. Aside from the sheer amount of calories I ingested today, I could definitely get used to this. I use the weather as an excuse not to run, because hey, who wants to sweat when it's so humid? But the views constitute at least a couple leisurely walks. Tomorrow, we hit the beach.

Any recommendations for shops or restaurants to visit while we're here?